Find out the RSS feed for an iTunes podcast

Apple hides these to make to force iTunes usage

To cut a long story short: I listen to music podcasts a lot and unfortunately a lot of record labels syndicate their content via Apple's iTunes network. Apple seem to go out of their way to make finding the actual original source podcast feed a complete nuisance to find and I absolutely detest iTunes so I wrote this to grab it for me. Now that lovely rant is over, you can use it too..

Install the bookmarklet

  1. Drag the following link to your browser's bookmarks bar: itunes-to-rss

  2. Then visit an appropriate iTunes podcast page, e.g: The Critical Music podcast.

  3. Click the bookmarklet while on the page to reveal the true RSS podcast URL/content feed.

  4. Rejoice in the fact you no longer have to load up iTunes. For the time being anyway.


The project can be found on Github here: uncover-itunes-rss-bookmarklet.

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