I'm Darian, a lead product developer based in South London who enjoys building out software, teams & the culture required to make successful businesses.

Right now, I'm particularly interested in functional programming, distributed systems, observability, security and the emerging serverless landscape.

Since 2008, I've worked with firms of all shapes & sizes: one man bands, small & large agencies, software houses, start-ups & enterprises. For a more detailed work history, please see LinkedIn.

My inbox is always open and I mean that: I'm happy to chat about software & teams at any time. Your best bet to catch me is via email or otherwise via direct message on Twitter.

Outside of tech I'm a keen traveller, F1 head, supporter of sound system culture and a life long follower of the drum & bass scene.

You can find some short posts & threads from me over on Twitter, some photos on Instagram, and my credentials are at Keybase. All of my open source work is available over at GitHub and I occasionally help out on StackOverflow.

Have a question? Reach out!

Tanner St, 2018