Hey! I'm Darian.

I'm a software engineer & web app consultant based in South London. I make things for the net and have an interest in functional programming for the web, security, scaling & distributed systems.

You can find me over on Twitter, Instagram, GitHub, Keybase & StackOverflow.

I grew up in the green suburbs outside of London and lived in Bristol (y'alrite!) for a couple of years after graduating from Exeter. But sprawling, complex cities are what I love and that's why I'm back in London.

Since 2011, I've been consulting for various firms of all shapes & sizes: one man bands, small & large agencies, software houses, start-ups & enterprises.

Need to get in touch? My inboxes are always open and I mean that: I'm happy to chat anytime provided you are OK with a non-instant reply. Your best bet to catch me is via my email address or secondly, via direct message on Twitter.

On the dory up to MMRF, San Pedro Colombia, Toledo, Belize.

Outside of tech, I'm a keen traveller, supporter of sound system culture and a life long follower of the drum & bass scene.

You can find all of my open source work over on GitHub & the following is a small cross-section of some of the things I've built over the years..



Ever had a takeaway you wish you hadn't? Yeah. While travelling, Liliana and I created a cross-browser extension to help people be 100% sure that the raisins in their food are actual real raisins. MunchDB pulls in hygiene data from the UK government and scores eateries across JustEat, Hungry House & Deliveroo. The open-sourced extension is written in ES2015 and uses the beautiful Elixir on the backend.



Alongside Rumpus, I worked with Save the Children to build a live render platform that would support the surge-based load generated by One Direction and their hordes of angsty teenage minions. Fans uploaded media to a scale-on-demand pipeline built with Amazon's Elastic Transcoder & Lambda that created shareable assets while they waited. The end result was peak load of ~20,000 users, 2.7 billion impressions on the hashtag & over 2.5 million shares of their generated content during the short campaign.

Google Outside 2.0


To showcase the power of Google Now, R/GA & I helped recreate it across the UK on over 1000 advertising hoardings. The system utilised the various components of the Google Cloud to dynamically generated content to display on the screens based on the weather, time of day, location, places nearby and a myriad of other data points. It rolled out across the tube network, mainline stations, parks, bus stops & more.

Google World Cup


This was Google's homage to the 2014 World Cup, designed to showcase the various search terms & trends surrounding the tournament. As part of a small team at R/GA, I built the site to handle being live translated in to more than fifteen languages while scaling to the levels of surge traffic seen when linked directly from the Google homepage & other high traffic properties such as YouTube & Twitter.

Property App


While consulting for a property-based app startup, I re-built their crawler infrastructure and RESTful API. The previous incarnation required deep technical knowledge to add a new spider which simply was not sustainable for the app, especially when most estate agents website are a near identical pattern of listings followed by a detail page. The new build offered the chance to add new scrapers simply by adding CSS; and all this was offered to the user via a friendly dashboard which also controlled the scraped items, spider scheduling, logs of the crawls and more.

Beats by Dre


Back in 2012, R/GA and I helped Beats by Dre take over New York's Times Square & Covent Garden back home. We created an offline-first promo build which let people come in off the street, take a photo, caption it on separate touch screens and finally view it on the huge screens around both the squares. They also got a photo print out to take away and I'm happy to say that all the printers involved came through for us rather than being the collective pain they usually are. I'd like to give special thanks to CUPS for that.

Skype TV Prototype


Back when Smart (!) TVs were first becoming a thing, Skype needed to solve the issues caused by TV manufacturers making their own differing Skype apps using the available APIs. As part of an on-site team with others from Poke, we developed and user-tested a prototype Skype application so that all manufacturers could adhere to the same user experience.